Monday, March 8, 2010

PC Speed Maximizer

Keep your computer running like new and protect your privacy with PC Speed Maximizer.

PC Speed Maximizer is fast, easy and safe! The program is designed so that even novice users can keep their computers running like new.

Speed up your PC
  • Automatically optimize your registry settings to prevent crashes and help speed up your computer.
  • Remove privacy and temporary files to protect your privacy.
  • Delete junk files to free disk space and improve performance.
  • Remove broken short cuts
  • Tweak a variety of system and windows settings for optimal performance
  • Remove unnecessary programs from starting with Windows to increase the speed of starting Windows and to free up memory and improve performance.
The Quick Scan screen lets you scan your computer to get a quick status of:

  • Registry optimization
  • Number of privacy and temporary files
  • Number of junk files
  • Number of Invalid short cuts
  • Number of system optimization settings
  • Number of applications loaded when Windows starts

This Quick Scan will display the Scan Results and give you a quick overview of the status of your computer. Once you’ve run the Quick Scan (from either the Overview Tab or the Quick Scan Tab), returning to Quick Scan Tab will show you the scan results (without having to rerun the scan).

Scan Results

The Scan Results screen shows the results of a Quick Scan. It shows the number of items found and lets you access the following functions:
  • Optimize registry – goes to the Registry Tab and lets you scan the registry and correct registry problems.
  • Delete privacy files – goes to the Clean Up Privacy and Temporary Files screen and lets you scan and delete privacy and temporary files.
  • Delete junk files – goes to the Clean Up Junk Files screen and lets you scan and delete junk files.
  • Fix invalid short cuts – goes to the Fix invalid short cuts screen and lets you scan and delete invalid short cuts
  • Optimize Windows – goes to the Optimize Tab and lets you set System, Internet, and Security settings for your computer.
  • Manage start up – goes to the Start Up Manager. The Start Up Manager shows the programs that are loaded when Windows starts. In the Start Up Manager, you can select any program and choose Delete. This will remove the program from the list of programs that start when Windows is loaded (the program is NOT deleted from your computer). If you are unsure about a program, you can select it and choose the Ask Google button. This will start a Google search and show information about the program. The Add button lets you add a program that will start when Windows is loaded. In general, it’s best to only start necessary programs so that Windows will start faster.

Registry Optimization

The Windows Registry stores settings and options for Microsoft Windows. Over time, the registry gradually grows in size and gets cluttered with invalid and obsolete data. This slows Windows down and causes other problems.

PC Speed Maximizer will help you clean. optimize, and compress your registry and improve the performance of your computer.

In the Registry Tab, choose the Scan button to search the registry for errors. PC Speed Maximizer will show you the number of errors in ten different categories.

When the scan is complete, choose the Fix button to correct registry problems.

Clean Up Your PC

The Clean Up Tab lets you:
  • Clean up privacy and temporary Files
  • Clean up junk files
  • Fix invalid short cuts